Yarraville’s Annual Festival

An integral Westside affair since 1981, The Yarraville Festival is an annual event that brings together people of the Inner West to celebrate and create a greater sense of pride and inclusiveness for all groups. The festival encourages a mixture of creative artists, designers, artisan stalls, activities and gourmet experiences that inspires a broader sense of community, whilst providing an economic stimulus for the local traders. This institutional festival embraces the cultural diversity, industrious nature and artistic air of the West, attracting over 25,000 people from all over Melbourne to join and experience the vibrant atmosphere.


To provide the community of Yarraville, the Inner West and visitors with a high quality family experience through the provision of excellence food, entertainment and stalls offering quality products and produce.


To be recognised as a successful Inner West Community festival renowned for its community participation and unique village atmosphere.

For the Future

Since 2019 the Yarraville Festival has been a ‘plastic free’ event. All festival patrons will be encouraged to bring their own bags, and reduce the waste of soft plastics.

Come for a day filled with culture, community and fun.

What are you waiting for?