Community Stall Holders

Applications for the 2020 Yarraville Festival have now closed, and will reopen for 2021 in the second half of the year.

Apply with the form below! Approval of applications will be sent via email Mid-January. Allocation of stall spaces will also be sent via email.

Each year, the Yarraville Festival receives more applications to join the festival, and as a result, may not be able to fit everyone in the same place as previous years. Please take note that we do our best to accommodate everyone’s needs, and please respect that allocations made by the festival committee are final.

Community stall spaces don’t include a marquee or table. If you require any of these, you can hire them through the application form.

Community stall spaces are provided to non-profit community, sports, arts, charity and educational organisations that reside and focus on the local area.

This year, the Yarraville Festival Committee will be launching the community partnerships program, connecting local businesses to community programs , with businesses supporting community stalls.

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