Applications are now open for the 2024 Festival! Apply below.

Each year, the Yarraville Festival receives more applications to join the festival, and as a result, we may not be able to accommodate everyone. Please take note that we do our best in selecting our artists, and please respect that allocations made by the festival committee are final.

Successful applicants will be contacted via email. 

Successful participating artists will be allocated a 45 minute set on the Main Stage while Community Groups will generally have between 15 – 30 minutes including changeover time. Artists joining the Main Stage may receive a small fee, which will be disclosed upon acceptance of application. Community groups will not receive a fee for their performance.

Roving street performers are also encouraged to register.

The Yarraville Festival provides entertainment across 3 different types. Please read more below before applying to see which applies to you

The Main Stage.

Where we feature local artists and bands, across a variety of genres ands styles. Backline is provided.

The Community Stage.

A place to showcase local dance schools, choirs, orchestras and more. Please note, there is no payment for acts on the Community Stage.

Roving Acts.

Great for those looking to be mobile and travel the festival site as you provide entertainment for patrons in different areas.

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  • e.g. what genre, solo/5-piece, demonstration, dance, lesson, etc.
  • Please read below to see which type of entertainment is most applicable to your act.
  • Give us a short blurb/bio about your group and your musical or performance endeavours! This description/bio will go on our website should your application be successful to perform at the Festival. So, think about how you want us to talk about you!
  • A link for us to see your videos! Ideally a video from a performance.
  • Got some photos, or things for us to look at? We will also look to use these in promotional content on our social medias so show us you favourite shots!