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Located in the heart of Melbourne, Tandoori times is a hideaway where good food, gossip, culture and comfort come together in a bundle. Welcome to place that believes in serving with love and care to make it the most delightful dine in experience you can have.

Delhi, my birthplace where every day is celebrated with people, traditions and gatherings. I grew up in a household where my mother always welcomed everyone by cooking authentic Punjabi meals with all her heart. The happiness reflected through her eyes when everyone enjoyed the meals and the togetherness always inspired me to walk in my mother’s shoes. When I moved to Melbourne for higher education, the only thing that I brought with me, along with my suitcases was that I want to do good and make people happy. Always looking upto my mom and her values, I always had a calling for feeding people with food that leaves them mesmerized! That is when Tandoori Times was created!


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Sunday March 17, 2024

10AM - 7PM
Catch a train to Yarraville Station