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The word “MarliMarli” meaning ‘Butterfly’ in Wagiman language is named in honour of our late Grandmother, Lizzy Von Roehl who we lost in 2008 to a long battle with cancer.

When Nan passed our little sister, Elisa, was 2 years old and any time she would see a passing butterfly she would point and say “Oh Hello Nanny…Nanny’s butterfly”. We noticed butterflies around us whenever we felt her presence after her passing, so we believed this was her way of telling us she was still with us Our nan was a gorgeous and talented artist in her own right and found comfort during her tough battle with cancer in creating pieces she sold, exhibited and gifted to her nearest and dearest. Nan shared her love of art with her daughter, our mum, and with us kids. Tara then decided to use this medium also as a tool for healing and self expression, naming herself as an independent artist ‘MarliMarli’ in honour of her greatest art teacher Over the past 5-6 years, MarliMarli was used as Tara’s artist name while she produced, exhibited and sold her original artworks, prints and digital artworks online, through commissions, market stalls and art galleries.


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Sunday March 17, 2024

10AM - 7PM
Catch a train to Yarraville Station